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(1987 – 2017)

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MADD-1Racing™, is an owner/operator premier race team. We welcome and develop new racers while preparing them for the next level of competition. As a family based organization we provide support and resources that lead the team to a desired goal. That Goal is producing the best, most talented, dynamic competitors. We support our communities through mentorship focusing our efforts on A-STEM² initiatives for those looking to engage in competition but also have a strong desire to push their educational limits as well.  

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A-STEM²:  Arts – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Marketing


  • Creative Arts (Design, Legacy Branding)
  • Physics (predictive motion, cornering)
  • Chemistry (fuels, oils, coolants)
  • Heat/Mass transfer and Fluid Mechanics
  • Mechanics (gearing, suspension)
  • Components (part sourcing, production, development, testing)
  • Statistics (Lap times, lines, maneuvering, cause & effect)
  • Budgeting (parts, suppliers, delivery schedules, maintenance)
  • Shortfalls (delays, failures, setbacks, accident/injury & legal)
  • Networking  (scheduling, brand & concept management)

2020 New Vision... Over the Horizon